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Audrey Hepburn was a classic beauty with undeniable style and the perfect person to feature for this week’s Throwback Thursday! This starlet knew how to classy, yet never boring. Her captivating personality lit up a room and then her wit kept people wanting more. Audrey Hepburn is a style star that everyone should want to emulate.

Get her legendary look with our Mulholland Drive shades! 

Blake Lively has become a style icon. She has the unique ability to work like a chameleon and go for California cool to New York high fashion. In this photo, we love Blake’s contemporary look. She proves that black and white doesn’t have to be boring! This look will look great for both work to play. And don’t forget your Bleecker Street shades to pull this outfit together!

Jacket l Top l Skirt

For this week’s Travel Tuesday we’re taking you on a stroll down Mulberry Street! Famed for being the main street of New York City’s Little Italy, Mulberry Street is packed with great culture and great food. Our Mulberry Street Frames combine both classic and modern elements, just like Little Italy itself! These glasses will look good on anyone, anywhere.

It’s not about how you look, it’s how you see!

Meet Katey.

Katey is a 21 year old film studies major entering her senior year at Wesleyan University. Katey moved around a bit in her childhood so no one knows quite where she’s from (New Jersey? Virginia? New York? Pennsylvania? We’ll just say the northeast US). Katey has a friendly, laid back personality and is slightly obsessed with everything Joss Whedon, Orange is the New Black, and Alexander Skarsgard.

Get her look!

Katey epitomizes the too cool for school vibe with her windswept hair, tie dye top, and rounded shades. You can get this same look with our Central Park West frames! Intellectual and classic, these glasses will inspire all those who wear them. Also, Harry Potter and John Lennon have rocked similar frames. And who doesn’t want to be like Harry Potter and John Lennon?

To get to know Katey even better, follow her on twitter @MinSpins19!

This week we created a boho rock look with our Bleecker Street Sunglasses! In the heart of Greenwich Village in NYC, Bleecker Street is known for it’s music, nightlife, and roots in bohemian culture. The white lace kimono and blush mini dress have a bohemian feel but the dress has a fun little twist- it’s made of faux leather! Accessorized with a lengthy necklace, a bedazzled crossbody, and fringed booties, this outfit emulates Bleecker Street cool!

Kimono I Dress l Necklace l Bag l Shoes

Here at Eyefly our frames are named after different streets and neighborhoods all over the world- and we’re taking over! Where do you want to see Eyefly next?

A little monday inspiration!

Meet our Summer Shades!

Today we take a trip back in time to Spring 2013 when Kate Upton graced the cover of Vogue. This supermodel showed off her style in the perfect sunglasses for summer! This beach look is sporty and fun. Get a similar look with our Mensah Jomo shades!