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Try a new look this fall with our Calle de Serrano frames!

Where in the World is Eyefly?

The energy behind the Eyefly brand is rooted in the appreciation in urban globe-trotting, which is why each frame is named after significant street names all over the world. Travel the world with Eyefly.

It didn’t seem right to continue on with our regular social media posts without acknowledging the passing of Robin Williams. The world has truly lost a great. Thank you Robin WIlliams for making us laugh and thank you for reminding us to never lose our spark of madness.

This week’s Throwback Thursday is dedicated to John Lennon! To get his look try out our Central Park West frames!

For this week’s travel tuesday we focus on Central Park West! This beautiful oasis in the middle of NYC adds a bit of nature and beauty to the urban jungle. 

Get a classic cool look with our Central Park West frames! With a retro design in modern matte colors, these frames are sure to inspire.